International Certified Instructor & Sugar Artist
Wide Range of Classes & Demonstrations Nationwide
Sole USA Connection & Distributor of Sugar City UK

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• Specialty Supplies & Tools for cake decorating, sugar arts, cookies, cupcakes & more.
• SUGAR CITY’S professional quality products.
• The original award winning PLATINUM FLOWER PASTE (gumpaste) for paper thin lifelike flowers.
• Slower drying for more working time. Excellent results when needing to make fine delicate items.
• High quality Silicone MOLDS for fondant, isomalt, chocolate, air clay, soaps, ceramics & more.
• No powdered sugar or shortening needed to release MOLD. Made for long life.
• Authentic Facsimiles of double sided flower/leaf VEINERS made from flowers in Sugar City’s garden
• FLEXICUTTERS for flowers, leaves, butterflies & more. Being flexible there are no fuzzies.
• MODELING GUMPASTE made for projects that need to be sturdy and dries hard.

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